benefits of trademark registration in hyderabad

Logo is the mark which easily identifies the specific goods and service among other many competitors. The trust of the brand starts from the unique and famous trademark. Many of the business owners are searching the trademark at the time of their business expansion. There is no assurance that the name will avail on the moment of business need. Trademark is the competitive asset raising more competition to get it. A proper trademark will easily promote the chain of business under a single trademark name. To add the value of the business logo name is one of the compulsive features. Try to avoid procrastinating the trademark registration process then the desired name will not avail for the business promotion. Get it as soon as possible. Solubilis will be the best trademark consultants in Hyderabad for reserve your business name. We will guide and legally fight for you as a trademark representative.

Documents Of Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

  • The name, address, and nationality of the applicant.
  • To signify that all goods or services bearing the trademark come from a single source.
  • For a company, the country and the state of incorporation need to be mentioned.
  • A list should be provided for the goods and services that are to be registered.
  • A soft copy of the trademark should be produced.
  • If the mark has non-English words, that all need to be translated in English.
  • Priority claim based on the Date of the application, country of the application & application number.
  • Date of the trademark been used.
  • Power of Attorney which is simply signed by the Applicant.

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