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Can you trademark a tagline?

Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Trademark Registration is a part of protected innovation rights. Licensed innovation rights grant individuals to keep up with possession privileges of their imaginative item and inventive movement. The licensed innovation became expose as a result of the endeavors of human work, so it is restricted by various charges for the enlistment and charges for encroachment. Kinds of licensed innovation are Trademarks, Copyright Act, Patent Act, and Designs Act.

A trademark Registration in Hyderabad incorporates a name, word, or sign that separates products from the merchandise of different ventures. Advertising of merchandise or administrations by the technique turns out to a lot simpler with a trademark since acknowledgment of item with the trademark is guaranteed and simpler.

Trademark law

Before 1940 there was no law on brand names in India. Various issues of encroachment of enrolled and unregistered brand name emerged which were settled under Section 54 of the Specific Relief Act, 1877 and enlistment by Trademark registration in Hyderabad was arbitrated under the Indian Registration Act, 1908. To defeat these troubles, the Indian Trademark law was implement in 1940. After the authorization of the brand name law, interest for insurance of brand names expanded as there was significant development in exchange and business.

The Trademark law had the supplant with the Trademark and Merchandise Act, 1958. It gives better assurance of brand name and forestalls abuse or fake utilization of imprints on stock. The Act gives enrollment done by Trademark registration in Bangalore of the brand name with the goal that the proprietor of the brand name may get a legitimate ideal for its elite use.

This past Act got supplant with the Trademark Act, 1999 by the government of India by agreeing it with TRIPS (Trade-related parts of licensed innovation rights) commitment suggested by the World Trade Organization. The point of the Trademark Act is to concede security to the clients of brand name and direct the conditions on the property and furthermore give lawful solutions for the execution of brand name rights.

The Trademark Act, 1999 gives the right to the police to capture in instances of encroachment of the brand name. The Act gives a total definition for the term encroachment which is as often as possible utilized. Trademark registration in Hyderabad do the registration under this law.

Trademarking tagline

Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Brand taglines are expressions which serve to draw an association for shoppers with the business’ items and administrations, and the concerned brand overall. A specific grouping of words redundantly utilized in the advancement of a brand or business according to its items and administrations frequently discovers a spot in the cooperative memory of people in general. For instance, when running over the expression “Finger lookin’ great”, one is immediately help to remember KFC’s rich scope of food products. Similarly, the tagline “Take care of business” is regularly connect with the brand NIKE and the expression, “There are a few things cash can’t accepting. For all the other things, there’s MasterCard” indicates an association with MasterCard.

Taglines are fundamentally utilize for promoting as they are significant, separate the brand and grant certain feelings in regards to the brand. The said restrictive affiliation likewise moves from the simple notice of the brand, for instance when one alludes to Mc’donalds, the expression “I’m Lovin’ It” consequently rings a bell, along these lines demonstrating that some kind of immaterial responsibility for specific expression exists. This short note will endeavor to clarify upon whether and provide that this is true, what sort of license innovation insurance is agree to taglines with explicit reference to the Indian setting.

Scope of brand tagline getting trademark

Section 2(m) of the Trademarks Act, 1999 characterizes “mark” as including a gadget, brand, heading, name, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, state of products, bundling or mix of shadings or any blend thereof. It is enactment accommodates a tagline or blend of words to incorporated inside the ambit of the meaning of imprint.

Brand name is characterize under the Act as an imprint fit for address graphically and of having the option to separate the products or administrations of one individual from those of others throughout trade. It is present that the peculiarity measure has a nearby nexus with Section 9(1) of the Trademarks Act under supreme reason for refusal of enrollment under Trademark registration in Hyderabad.

All together for a brand tagline to qualify as a brand name, it should be distinctive, by gaining auxiliary significance and goodwill, and should not be unmistakable of the features of the items and administrations in regard of which it is utilized.

Conditions for the trademark

The central government by referencing in the authority newspaper select an individual to known as the regulator, general of licenses, plans and brand name who will be the enlistment center of the brand name. The focal government may select different officials likewise in the event that they imagine that they are proper, to release, under the administration and course of the Trademark registration in Hyderabad, the recorder may approve them to release.

The Trademark registration in Kerala has the ability to move or pull out the cases by recorded as a hard copy with reasons referenced. Under Section 6 of the Act, talked about the support of an enrolled brand name. At head office wherein specifics of enrolled brand names and other endorsed, points of interest, aside from notice of the trust, will be recorded. The duplicate of the register is to kept at each branch office. It gives for the conservation of records in PC or diskettes or in some other electronic structure.


Taking everything into account, it is present that a specific brand tagline might agreed assurance as a brand name on the off chance that it fulfills the peculiarity and non-elucidation measures. If there should be an occurrence of Tagline including normal words or conventional expression, trademark registration is through broad use, publicizing and battling that a tagline or motto secures auxiliary significance to the degree shoppers and the overall population begin partner it only with the concerned brand or business.

In this manner, appropriate documentation and nitty gritty records in regards to the utilization and promoting of brand taglines are fundamental to forestall the weakening of altruism made with people in general.

It is additionally to noticed that brand taglines are typically not allow copyright assurance because of the utilization of conventional normal spot words and the Courts are hesitant in believing them to be unique abstract or imaginative works.